Who’s Ketch?

The Wall Street Crash of Oct. 29, 1929, which ushered in the Great Depression, preceded

Jim Ketchum
News Editor, “Ketch”

my entry into this world by 28 days.  My parents, both of very modest means, were, because of their skills and ambitions, able to insulate our family from the hardships suffered by many. I had the advantage of spending my school years — K-12 — in East Lansing, Michigan. There, I found out I was average in the classroom, certainly only mediocre as a high school football player, but more successful than many in running the quarter mile.

Just across the street was Michigan State College (now University) where I discovered some writing skills and, outside of class, enough persistence to receive a varsity letter in football after three years as student manager. It was at a square dance at Peoples Church, across the street from the campus, that I met the girl who would be my wife. We’ve been married nearly 63 years, but now she is some years along the cruel and impenetrable path of Alzheimer’s and is being cared for by skilled and gracious people at a special hospital nearby.

I’m embarking on this blog with the idea that what I write about might be worth taking a look at. I’ll try to describe what happened during my 58 memorable years in newspapering, along with some other stories that may be of interest, particularly to family and friends.

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